Diaspora Policy

Diaspora Affairs


The Government of Zimbabwe values the vital role that the Zimbabwean Diaspora plays in terms of the economic development of the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade is mandated to formally mainstream Zimbabwe’s Diaspora into the national development agenda by creating an enabling environment for effective diaspora integration. A Diaspora Unit was created within the Ministry and is tasked to enhance the capacity of the Government of Zimbabwe to coordinate diaspora affairs and mobilize the Zimbabwean diaspora. Various Diaspora Engagement activities are envisaged in targeted destination countries, such as the Republic of Türkiye.

These engagement activities are expected to:

  • Build trust and confidence between the Government and the Zimbabwean Diaspora Communities with a view to developing a mutually beneficial relationship;
  • Acknowledge the Diaspora’s contribution to the Zimbabwe economy through investments in the national economy, remittances, philanthropy, and social support;
  • Assure the Diaspora of the Government’s commitment to enhance the protection of their interests;
  • Facilitate dialogue and information exchange between the Government and the Diaspora;
  • Identify ways of incorporating Diaspora participation in Zimbabwe’s economic and social development;
  • Mobilise members of the Diaspora to complement the Government efforts in the provision of community development projects;
  • Tap into the Diaspora resources and encouraging the use of formal channels for remittances, as well as encouraging them to undertake investment, trade and tourism projects in Zimbabwe;
  • Facilitate exports of value-added products using Diaspora communities as a conduit to foreign markets;
  • Create a platform for skills and knowledge transfer, leveraging on the presence of diaspora communities in key markets;

It is envisaged that through engagement, these initiatives will catalyse enhanced and effective Diaspora participation in the Nation’s cross-sectoral growth and development. The Embassy has therefore embarked on an initiative of engaging the Zimbabwean community in the Republic of Türkiye with a view to sharing information and ideas as well as discussing investment opportunities in the country. Indeed, Zimbabwe’s citizens abroad are a valuable pool of intellectual capital, knowledge, and expertise. To that end, Zimbabweans living in the Republic of Türkiye are therefore urged to register with the Embassy so as to build a skills database of Zimbabwean nationals living in the Republic of Türkiye. To register, please click Here.