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   Major Milestones  & Achievements of The Second  Republic  


The advent of the Second Republic, in 2017 ushered in a new vision of a Prosperous and Empowered Upper Middle-Income Society by 2030.  To realise this vision the 2nd Republic would undertake national priorities areas under the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1 2021-2025). The vision aimed to expand economic opportunities for all Zimbabweans, without leaving anyone behind.

To date, the 2nd Republic attained outstanding milestones which continue to change the lives of ordinary people while leaving no one and no place behind. Under the able leadership of the President, His Excellency Dr. Emmerson D. Mnangagwa the government has successfully implemented more than 187 promises out of 235 made. Some of the achievements inclde;

Establishment of Irrigation schemes: Several Dams have been constructed throughout with a capacity to irrigate more than 2000 hectares.